Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Find Affordable College Textbooks

The usually steep prices of college textbooks make most students and their parents stressed out every start of semesters. Today, an average textbook is priced at about $100 with specialty and more technical references commanding several hundreds of dollars as tag prices. However, the 'sticker shock' is something that may seem inevitable but in reality can be avoided.
Most college students are in tight budgets. That is because they may be relaying on the financial support of their parents or they may be working part-time to support their studies. It is advisable that they find and buy more affordable college textbooks. How are those references found? There's plenty that we can think of.
Book rentals
Many colleges and universities offer book rentals to their students. Renting out references usually lowers textbook costs by up to 60% compared to buying new books. Thus, book rentals are without a doubt one of the most cost effective options for affordable college textbooks.
College or university bookstores and libraries usually run book rental programs to offer a form of assistance to needy students. There are off-campus bookstores that also offer similar service to college students. Borrowers of book rentals only need to take care of the books and to return the references on specified dates to be able to get back their deposits by the end of the semester.
Used bookstores
Another great way to find and buy affordable college textbooks is through checking out available titles from used bookstores. Second-hand books are popular among students with limited budgets because the price tags are usually more than half of the original prices lower. The idea of owning the textbook is also more appealing to many.
Second-hand booksellers abound across the Internet. Many Websites offer great deals and discounts on used textbooks. Finding and buying such references online is effective because of the convenience it brings. A student can find and compare prices to be able to determine the most affordable college textbooks available. Shipping costs are also often waived so that no additional charge is incurred by students.
There is also an option to resell the used textbooks once the semester is over. It can be a source of money to students. Some also prefer the idea of owning books and not having to return those on specified dates. The used college textbooks can be kept for some time to serve as complementary reference to specific courses.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Easy and Affordable College Textbooks

Students are usually exposed to actual exploitation when they are forced to pay more or less $100 for each of their college textbooks. The costs of books add up to the already costly tuition fees and expenses for boarding. It is hard or even impossible to avoid incurring that cost because textbooks are required as references in every course or subject.
Prices of textbooks for college students had increased by an average of 6% per year from 1986 to 2004. That is more than the inflation rates of most developed countries. Buying such books can make college expenses up to $1,000 more expensive annually. It is just infuriating to pay for textbooks' sticker prices when such books can be purchased and obtained at hefty discounts or at much lower costs.
Huge textbook discounts
If students will only be more resourceful and determined, they can surely find bookstores that are offering and implementing great markdowns on prices of college textbooks. It is a fact that finding those discounts is not an easy task. Students should be more observant and vigilant when roaming around different cities where discount-selling bookstores abound.
The Internet is another great venue to find online bookstores and shopping sites that may offer college textbooks with big discounts. Students can even visit as many of such sites online. They can compare discounts as well as prices so they can choose and purchase books at the most competitive price tags.
Buying used college textbooks
For those who intend to lower costs by more than 60%, buying used textbooks is a good option. Many bookstores now specialize in selling used college textbooks. They also buy books from students, especially those who do not find usefulness in the materials after the semester and those who want to generate extra cash.
Used textbooks are much cheaper than buying new copies. In general, second-hand items are sold at much lower tag prices. That is because bookstores have also bought such items at lower prices. And of course, the books may not compare to unused and new ones, but it is not to say that second-hand textbooks are unbearable. Students can still find used textbooks that are properly taken care of to look as good as new.
By the end of the semester, such used college textbooks can still be sold to second-hand bookstores. However, the books should remain in good and useful condition for students to do that. Thus, the cycle will go on and the books will remain useful and helpful through many semesters to come.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Stewardess

While most people under the misconception that stewardess jobs are all about the glitz and the glamour, catering to high profile business class travellers, seeing different parts of the world and meeting new people day in and day out; the reality of things is that there is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to living the life of a flight attendant.
Training and Upgrades
Stewardesses are expected to go through rigorous training in several areas to ensure comfort and safety for their clients. Every flight attendant is expected to go through a rigorous training in emergency and evacuation procedures, activities pertaining to co-ordination with other crew members, first aid and other security procedures.
Pre-Flight Preparation
Before every flight takes off, they are required to interact with the captain of the flight to gain information on the estimated time of flight and weather which is turn is required to be accurately communicated to the passengers before any journey. This nature of this job demands that they are meticulous about security checks and ensuring that every passenger has harnessed the necessary safety devices. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the air hostess to ensure that the flight is stocked with sufficient supplies that will last them through their journey overseas.
It is the duty of the stewardess to play the role of a hospitable host that is able to effectively ensure complete comfort for all the passengers that board the flight. They first welcome passengers while boarding and then move on the check the tickets and guide them to their seats. If required, they are also required to help women, children and aged passengers with their luggage, coats and any other such requirement.
It is important for the flight attendant to develop a friendly and pleasant nature so that they are in the position to cater to the needs of all the passengers, serve them food, drinks and even answer all their queries with patience and a smiling face.
Safety and Security
It is mandatory for flight attendants to brief the passengers with all the safety procedures before the flight is about to take off. They must go around the flight to ensure that flyer is complying with the safety requirements with respect to the seat belts, the angle of the seat and the front trays.
The toughest part of the job of a flight attendant is their requirement to assist all flyers in case of emergencies. Though not all emergencies have to do anything with emergency landings, or fatal crashes, there could be smaller issues with respect to mechanical problems on flight, errant passengers who ask too many questions and demand too many answers, or simply a healthcare emergency while onboard.
A flight attendant needs to be prepared to handle all these situations with great ease without losing his or her cool.
Typically, the flight attendant works for about 10 - 15 hours a day depending on the route that they are assigned to. On top of that, their work hours are very erratic and they are privy to constant jet lags considering they fly to all parts of the world. While we tend to take their job for granted and are bedazzled by the smiling face that the put up while serving us, their tough jobs truly deserve a lot of respect.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Creating A Good Study Environment In A Cramped Space

Dormitory living has its obstacles and many students think that in order to make a nice comfy area for themselves that they need to carry along those particular items from home to make their home away from home just that. For a lot of them this ends up being their biggest mistake. With a small space it is ideal to furnish it only with nice and easy to fit dorm items and only one or two necessaries from home.
Clutter doesn't generate an environment that is conducive to learning and thinking. It is important that your area is aesthetically pleasing to you. Everyone else's opinions really don't matter and if you have a roommate who doesn't mind the chaos and clutter then you may wish to use a curtained partition to help block out their clutter and make your small space one in which you can successfully think.
The majority of college students don't actually end up using the space that they live in to study in as well. As a matter of fact, most college students will tell you that they find it challenging to study where they live and instead use community locations in the dormitory buildings as well as studying out on the benches and campus lawn and of course, the campus library. These areas tend to provide students with the quiet and chaos free environment that permits them to focus on the job at hand.
College life can be a lot of fun but many college students find out the hard way that this level of schooling comes with it many challenges, the largest of which is staying focused on your responsibilities first, and only after work and studying are done is their time for play. It is easy to be pulled into blowing off responsibility and taking part in a party with a friend.
Focus is pretty much everything when you are away at school so make sure that you create a sanctuary in your dorm room; a place where you can comfortably rest and focus and when necessary study. If you realize it tough to focus in your dorm room either because of clutter or a troublesome or distracting roommate then make sure that you find several good study locations on campus so when you need to you can duck out of your room and refocus your energies on your education. Ultimately, this is why you are attending college for and therefore getting a good education has to be your predominant focus.