Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Need Help in Writing A Term Paper? Read It

What cannot be separated from college life is its term paper. Am I mistaken? No, I am not, and I am sure that every student knows how term paper could be really excruciating. That is so for some students just do not know how to write a term paper appropriately. That means, sorry to say, they also lack of knowledge in academic writing.Being skillful in composing academic writing is somehow pretty necessary, especially for senior students. That is the reason for high school students taught essays writing. Unfortunately, some just take it for granted, that they just cannot deal with the requirements in college life; term paper. Related to the problem, there have been some wise ways to enhance students’ ability in writing.

Basically, students have right to choose their advisor for their writing. Moreover, they can even have more than one. They can choose their writing teacher or lecturer, their subject teacher or lecturer, as well as another writing expert who has time. The time the problem is. Unfortunately some students just do not understand that those people they want to supervise the writings do not have all day long to keep their eyes to them. If that happens, thank to the gigantic networking, students can simply access online writing help to compose the writing.

Need the address? Students, you can simply follow the two link I have given above to access the online writing help. Obviously, you can get anything interesting about academic writing, from a to z. You just need to jump to the directory that you need. All I can say, you will get all that you need there. Not only term paper guidance, there are also guidance to compose book report, personal statement, as well as PowerPointpresentation.

         All in all, students indeed need to be clever and hardworking, but they also have to work smartly. Thus, visit the link I gave above next time you are stuck.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Importance of The Perfect Fly Rods

Of course, fly rods are very important. You cannot fish without fly rods. Besides, you can get redington rods as the right fly rods for your fishing activity. You can many kinds of fly fishing techniques to be a professional angler. Sometimes, you can be the winner of a fly fishing competition as you have good fly rods. Even though there are many things that make a person successful in fly fishing, fly rods have a very important role. Some people may spend a lot of time to get the best one. Therefore, there are ways to get the perfect fly rods.

            The first way is by choosing the best material. There are bamboo, graphite, glass, and many others as the materials used in fly rods. You may be interested with tfo rods since it meets with your expectation of the perfect fly rods. Usually, you should also consider of what kind of type of fishing you usually do since you will apply specific fly fishing technique in your fishing activity. Each material may have specific price. Moreover, you should consider your budget and comfort of particular fly rods either.

            The second way is by knowing the action type you usually do for fishing. There are kinds of fly rod actions: slow action fly rods, moderate action fly rods, and fast action fly rods. Some people may choose to have greys rods to support them in those three fly rod actions. If you tend to do slow action fly rod, it is suggested that you need flexible fly rods. Besides, moderate action fly rods are the most famous one as you can use it some different conditions or situations. That is why if you are a typical person who desires to fishing in various conditions, moderate or medium action fly rods are the right one. Shortly, you need to consider that your fly rods meet your expectation of the fishing excitement.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Online school for achieving master degree

Achieving degree in any fields is becoming easier. The reason is many universities in developing countries offer online programs for both master and bachelor degree. One of master degrees that is offered by any universities is masters in psychology. Almost all universities in developing countries offer this online program. As a result, those who like to continue their study about psychology they can join this online master degree from any universities in any countries. You do not need to worry about the quality. You will get sufficient knowledge regarding to the subject that you are taking.

Another online degree program is master degree in nursing. High demand in nursing field makes many universities in most developing countries facilitate RN to MSN program. Educational institutions understand that, working as nurse is not an easy job. You might have no time to continue your degree when you have a regular job in nursing field. On the other hand, the demand of improving your knowledge in nursing subject continues to increase. You cannot ignore this reality that every institution needs you to have at least master degree in order to survive in the very tough competition in nursing field.

Thus, many universities in several developing countries open an online program for master degree for nursing. You will find many choices for RN to MSN online program. Moreover, you might get scholarship, if you are qualified for it. You can apply for the scholarship if you think you are able to get it. That is why; you do not need to worry about the tuition fee. By joining the online master degree program you can walk harmoniously in two different path. You can work regularly and you can get your master degree as well. Online degree is the solution for those who have no time to come into the class and get lecture.

How to get the best mark on your school

Term paper at the end of the semester has been one of the most difficult things that a student has to face if he or she wants to pass the semester with good grades.  However, writing term paper is not easy as it may seem. Getting some free term papers might be one of the possible choices that you can take when you think that you need some help in writing the paper. How to get the free term papers? You can get a lot of free term paper in the internet. However, before you grab one of the free term papers available in the internet; you need to know that those free term papers offered by some writing services might have been taken by somebody else like you which mean that you might be vulnerable to plagiarism issue in the future. If you want to be free from plagiarism issue in the future, you can actually buy some term or essay papers cheaply in the internet. However, it seems that buying is not your only option that you can take to help you get the best mark. There are still some other ways.
There might be a lot of cheap term papers for sale that you can grab in the internet offered by some writing services. However, buying is not the only solution that you can use. Many writing services also give you the choices to check your grammar and your vocabulary. Some of them may also be able to give you plagiarism check to make sure that your writing is free from plagiarism so that you will not have any trouble in the future. So, if you think that you need to have some help to get a great mark on your report book, there are so many ways to do it. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Advantages of Online Medical Billing and Coding Schools and Choosing One

Medical billing and coding schools are designed to offer a convenient and affordable way to get an education that will get you started in the medical profession. Unlike in the past, the number of these schools has risen tremendously and this is further enhanced by the availability of online training. While this is the case, before settling down to enroll in any of these, there are a couple of things you need to consider.
What to Look Out for?
Not all online medical billing and coding schools are created equal. As such, you need to use a special criterion in order to make an informed choice. The first thing you need to consider in this case is whether they offer job placement and financial aid to students. It is important to find an institution that has the ability of covering your education costs and this is especially true if for you can't manage on your own. In addition to this, it is important to ensure that they are reputable and they follow the appropriate procedures to ensure you get your accreditation.
There are a couple of benefits associated with online medical billing and coding schools and in order to ensure you make an informed decision on whether it suits you or not, it is ideal to consider the following though it is important to note they are not limited to the same.
• Customizable learning: For individuals who struggle with settings that revolve around traditional classrooms or those who get bored easily, this comes in handy. This is because you are free to dictate your preferred pace and also choose the type of materials to use as well as when and how to use them.
• Affordability: When compared to conventional schools, the affordability of online options is better and this is attributed to a couple of factors. Top on the list, the expenditures are lowered. This includes expenses on textbooks, gasoline, food and parking fee among others. In addition to this, the tuition fee also tends to be lower.
• Convenient and flexible: Just like other long distance learning options, medical billing and coding schools online gives students the flexibility that comes with attending classes at convenient hours whether at night or during the day. It is because of this aspect that most students are not locked from the possibility of pursuing further studies. What is more, students are also given 24 hour access to learning materials and tools. What is more, with online options, it is easy to get a variety of learning materials without necessarily stretching your budget.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Medical Assistant Schools and the Employment Benefits

The number of students who choose to pursue medical assistant training has increased tremendously over the last couple of years. Consequently, this has led to an increase in the number of medical assistant schools. For the purpose of attracting students, most of these schools are known to carry out aggressive advertisements. Considering the attractive salary pegged with medical assistant training, most young people make naïve decisions when selecting these.
While there are some unscrupulous operators out there, there are some reputable ones as well and it is for this reason that it is deemed important to differentiate quality medical assistant schools from the bogus ones.
• Accreditation: Before settling down to enroll in any of these institutions, it is important to ensure it is accredited by the appropriate exams council. This is important because it is the only way to ensure you get a title once through with the certifications. Students are therefore advised to enroll in programs that have preparation course or at the very least, a certification review.
• Internship: Students who want to get the best opportunities should settle down with schools that have internship opportunities for students. This is important because it is the only way to get experience that is needed in the real world.
• Duration: Before settling down on any of these institutions, it is also advisable to consider the duration you intend to pursue the program. For instance, are you interested in a certificate or degree program? Would prefer to pursue an associate degree? Note that the duration of these is different with the associate taking a longer duration. Therefore, take time to plan in order to make an informed decision.
There are also a couple of questions each students needs to ask and these are as highlighted below:
• Can you transfer your credits? 
• What are the specific topics covered? 
• What duration does it take to get through with the program? 
• What is the financial implication? 
• What are the necessary academic prerequisites?

Once through with the medical assistant schools, the students can get employment in different capacities and there are also benefits that come with these. Some of these include the following:
• Paid vacations. 
• Health plan or vision plan. 
• Dental insurance. 
• Discounts for services offered to your relatives.

The benefits will vary from one employer to another. While this is the case, it is important to keep in mind that the route to enjoying a successful career begins with choosing the appropriate medical assistant schools.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

MBA No GMAT: Graduate Programs That Waive the GMAT

Many people today are looking to obtain an MBA, either to further their career or to just accomplish a long-term goal. However not everyone is excited about or prepared for the admission requirements of many B-Schools. Along with typical transcript, essay and referral requirements, most MBA programs require that you take a standardized test called the Graduate Management Assessment Test, more commonly known as the GMAT.
This test is meant to serve as a barometer to measure the knowledge you gained during your undergraduate studies and to compliment the other requirements mentioned above. For even the most qualified applicant this test is a challenge especially when you decide to return to school for your graduate degree many years after your undergraduate commencement ceremony. Many college goers complete their bachelor's degree and go straight into the workforce, not considering a second round with the collegiate world until they have reached a ceiling in their career. For these individuals taking the GMAT can be a daunting task.
For most, several months of studying and multiples attempts (meaning multiple test fees) are required to get a decent score that will rank high enough on the GMAT percentile to gain acceptance to the university they choose. Not being able to gain a 750 on the GMAT however does not mean that you are not qualified for or prepared for an MBA program. Many people are simply not great test takers specifically when it comes to standardized testing. This doesn't mean that they aren't able to go into the boardroom and present ideas or close business deals.
To the contrary many MBA applicants who've been in the workforce for several years have gained far more experience than the average undergraduate student with a freshly pressed cap & gown and a couple internships under their belt. For this reason many B-schools have waived the GMAT admission requirement for individuals with work experience, an impressionable G.P.A and a few good references. Although most schools that waive the GMAT are not a top tier schools, there are several that have great rankings, valid accreditations and are well known. There are several schools that waive this prerequisite that have good ranking and accreditation.
It is my recommendation that you make a list of schools that you are interested in and make a call to the admissions office to find out if they are willing to accept anything in the place of the GMAT. Like I said earlier the GMAT is meant to compliment the other requirements. A killer recommendation letter from your boss or even the CEO of your company could go a long way in the admissions process.
If you've exhausted your college wish list and come up empty you may want to start contacting schools that are known to waive the GMAT to verify that they meet your needs. You should have a list of questions like "Does your program offer any concentrations?" or "What accreditation(s) does your school hold for the MBA program?" The latter is especially important for individuals who are seeking a license or certification, as some of these programs require that the college you attended hold a specific accreditation.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Getting the Best Graduation Regalia for the Special Day

Graduation marks the end of a certain level of education as one is given the green card to pursue other interests. It is a recognition of the hard work and effort that has gone into study and a certification showing that you have gone through that level and participated in all its activities and examinations and you have passed the mark. During the celebration that marks this stage, special attire and accessories in the form of caps and gowns are adorned.
Graduation is a very special time, and though it may seem as if you are dressing in uniform, this graduation gowns have a rich history in our education system. Therefore, it is necessary to be extra attentive when purchasing grad gowns to wear on this occasion.
First and foremost, you should confirm whether your institution offers this attire for rent. Some institutions usually have rental stores within the school from which graduating students can purchase a cap and gown from, especially faculty regalia for professors and deans. This is usually very convenient as it saves these academic staff a lot of time which they would have spent shopping for the graduation regalia.
However, if the situation is different, then you will be obliged to rent you faculty regalia elsewhere. There is a wide variety of choices of stores that best suite this purpose, and one of the best resources at your disposal is the internet. The World Wide Web is like an online store that is opened throughout the day and night, and the variety of choices offered in this place is tremendous. From the internet, you can get to compare the prices of the type of graduation regalia that you would like, from PhD regalia to Doctoral regalia or even choral robes and choral gowns. All these are available for your selection in various online stores and all the graduate has to do is select the one they think is best with size, accessibility and price as their determining factors and then they can swipe their card.
Before you purchase, you should first try and contact the online store in order to iron out various details such as shipment and price. It is important to ensure that the item that you are purchasing is the one that you need because there is usually a specific style of graduation regalia for each level of education and you would not like to step out of this norm.
Graduation times are special, and having a cap and gown to wear during the occasion is necessary. The individuals must therefore put their budgets in order in readiness for this expense, and purchase the graduation gowns from the best store in order to ensure that there are no mishaps or clothing emergencies during the special day. If they do this, they will be able to celebrate this extraordinary day and its achievement with their friends and family as well as special classmates and after they throw that cap in the air they will be ready for the next level in their life.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

College Is the Best 4 Years of Your Life Myth

Lately, I've been in unfamiliar settings that have given me a lot to write about. Without getting specific about the situation, let's just say I was with some women, definitely upper middle class, who have kids that are on their way to college. One woman said that visiting all the campuses with her teenager made her want to go back to college because they were the best 4 years in her life. Then all the women were talking about how college was the best years of their lives and that it would be their kids' best years too.
Ugh. Why would anyone want to have the best 4 years of their lives so early on? Even more, what is it about college that makes it the best 4 years of someone's life? My hunch is that for many kids whose parents pay for college, it's the best years of their lives because they can live irresponsibly without any repercussions. Once they get out of college, they have to start being responsible.
Certainly, college should be a great experience. If people are "doing" college right, it should be a time to explore new ideas, develop your worldview, meet interesting people and get involved in extra-curricular activities. But does this necessarily mean college = best 4 years in life? (Besides, you can do all the things I mentioned college should be about outside of college too. It's just that we've been brainwashed to think that we need college.)
The college-is-the-best-4-years myth comes from a privileged viewpoint. Sure, college may be the best 4 years of your life if you have parents who can pay every cent for you and give you spending money to burn. But most people don't have parents that can pay their way and give them extra money making college a stressful time in their life.
Of course the number 1 worst reason to go to college is because you think it's going to be the best time in your life. That's another way that people are brainwashed into going to college - wouldn't you want to go somewhere if you were told over and over again that it's going to be the best time of your life?
It does seem like a lot of pressure to expect 4 years to be so great! What happens if you only find college to be a ho-hum experience? What happens if you loved college so much because you did party your way through it and didn't make useful connections - which you really need to make in college to help you get a job - or apply yourself in any way, and now regret not doing it? That means 4 years wasted - literally - if you were drinking and can't remember them!
Student loans have reached a trillion dollars. We need to be more responsible in how we talk about college because so many people are taking on debt they don't need to. Instead of talking about how great college is, we need to talk about when it's appropriate to go to college and when it's a good idea to forgo it instead of promoting ridiculous myths about college.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How Do America's University Giants Compare?

Besides MIT we'll look at neighboring Harvard, both based in Massachusetts to the north-east of The States. And we'll contrast their admissions rates to Stanford to the west. These institutions are bound by their age-old rivalry, history and stature.
First things first; Many 'outsiders' are surprised to learn that MIT & Stanford aren't actually members of the famous 'Ivy League'. The league is a union, bound by athletic events and including higher education institutes based in the north-east of america. These members include Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Darmouth, Princeton & The University Of Pennsylvania.
Just how do the settings of Stanford's home, Palo Alto, and Boston based Harvard & MIT contrast then? Stanford is nestled next to Silicon Valley. No coincidence since Stanford pupils have been so vital businesses based there, such as Google & Hewlett Packard. The latter of course, was founded by Dave Packard and William Hewlett, former students.
Stanford's only a short CalTrain trip to San Francisco towards the north and San Jose towards the south. Stanford's location is a huge selling point to would-be learners.
Meanwhile the founder of Silicon Valley based Facebook, one Mark Zuckerberg, notoriously went to Harvard. Harvard & MIT students benefit from studying in historic Boston, the stage of the famed Tea Party and the home of the American revolution. Students of MIT & Harvard have gone onto to shape the world breeding Nobel laureates, Rhodes Scholars and National Medal of Science recipients. Graduates of these institutions are highly regarded and respected by employers around world.
What are the requirements to join the universities? You will not a bit surprised to find out that your grade point average (GPA) are an important starting point. That said, those with 4.0 GPA and 2400 SAT results are not guaranteed entry. No, you'll have to have standout extra-curricular's and shining references too.
Stanford and Harvard have a similar admissions rate of about 7%. MIT comes with a marginally greater success rate acknowledging just under 10% or 1742 for the class of 2015. Meanwhile, Harvard boasts the best financial aid of any US University, with $172,000,000 available for prospective students.
At Harvard, over 60% of students benefit from financial aid. So, if you're application is strong enough, you will get in regardless of your families financial background.
Students of Harvard, Stanford and MIT become leaders trend-setting in technology, commerce and politics. If you decide to brave the application process spend some time to look through the links below. We wish you the best!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Importance Of College Textbooks To Students And How They Can Save Money On Buying Them

In history, textbooks have been used in order to ensure the consistency in the coursework which were offered to the students according to the grade level of the course requirements. In today's textbooks, it continues to provide countless academic benefits to the students as well as the instructors. College textbooks when used in conjunction with a variety of other materials like online books, videos and as reference books provide a lot of value to a student's education.
College textbooks were usually used in the colleges in order to be used as references for learning. These books were published in order to cover the subjects in the syllabus that the students were supposed to learn. Every college student uses different college textbooks for their subjects.
One advantage in using these books is that they provide essential information. The professors are the one reliable source of the information; the textbooks were used in order to provide more information. The reason why the professors do not always impart all of the information is due to the limits in the duration of the lessons.
The textbooks also help the students in highlighting and noting the key points. These textbooks serve as a guide for an easier understanding of the subject matter. If the students note the key points, it will make it easier for them in remembering the lessons especially during the examination periods.
They can also be used for future reference. The students may always forget what their professor had taught them. Therefore, they need textbooks in order to keep referring to; they are also a tool to refresh their memory. Also a reliable source of much information needed by the college students which will help them prepare for their thesis and term papers. These textbooks will come with instructions as well as guidance for the students on the kind of questions that they would be likely to encounter in the examination.
The books also act as an aid to the instructors as well as the professors in order to ensure that their lectures were more organized. The books as a fact, are divided into chapters, the professors find them very reliable in following these chapters and make constant references to them during their teaching. In this way, the professors were helped by these textbooks especially when checking that the students were learning the subject. By doing this the professors will know which topics that their students find difficult and will also know the ones that they have already understood.
The price of the textbooks is continuously rising and there are ways that the student can save money on them. Some stores stock the previous versions of the books and these will be available at a lower cost. It is also a good idea to have a look at the online stores that stock the books as they are normally considerably cheaper than buying from bookstores. Another way to save money is to ask students at a higher level if they have finished with their books and whether they would be willing to sell them to you at a cheap price. Most of them would be willing to do this.
College education is extremely important and every student will need all the help that they can get to study well and pass their examinations. college textbooks are essential and it is possible to get cheap college textbooks if you take the time to shop around. It is not possible for the professors to teach everything in the short time that they have available in lectures. Also people learn at different rates so having reference books will always help.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Regional Colleges Hope To Lure Students Getting A Degree Online

From the Pacific Northwest to the coast of New England, lesser known institutions of higher learning have suddenly achieved a level of financial stability they'd thought impossible just years before, and their salvation couldn't have come from a less likely source. Faced with spiraling costs of operation and a new breed of competitors emerging via online Associate's degree and online Bachelor's degree providers, a select group of visionary administrators embraced the possibilities of digitized remote instruction to resolve their own schools' long standing budgetary difficulties. Though treated as an afterthought by local media sources, these colleges and universities many of whom have struggled for decades to keep their doors open despite limited endowment dollars and an essentially nonexistent presence outside shrinking communities have managed to forge a second life by means of the internet.
For all the potential bounty of remote pupils to be reckoned with, the administrators of these institutions attempting to reshape their appeal must acknowledge that only a brief window of time separates current opportunities from the eventual flood of larger institutions angling for their share. As the time honored standard bearers of classical academic instruction increasingly turn away from campus based educational programs to construct distinct virtual tutorials that meet the spiraling demand for students getting a degree online, professional ad campaigns highlighting the benefits of significantly more practiced educational resources will overwhelm the prospects. Even beyond the increased competition from public and private institutions coasting upon previously established reputations (for centuries in some cases), the relatively recent arrival of such brands as Kaplan and the University of Phoenix have already begun carving out distinct identities and building a sense of trust among an ever broadening potential consumer base.
Competing against the emblems of corporate stability and approachable technological development on the one hand and the monumental sentiment wielded by the pillars of higher learning (college athletic teams as crucial a signifier of American locale as any to be imagined) on the other, regional schools late in coming to the cyber studies party would appear to have an enormous challenge ahead, but the smaller, more dynamic variants all too well accustomed to rolling with the punches have advantages all their own. Authorities within the United States Department of Education have officially designated the so called hybrid programs that incorporate aspects of the wholly online Bachelor's degree alongside components of the classroom model to be the most effective tutorial, and smaller regional schools are simply best equipped to meet the differing capacities needed.
The e-learning giants that have grown up around distant education aren't bound to publicize the aforementioned findings. If these studies are mentioned at all, the Secretary of Education's report will usually be paraphrased to suggest graduates of either format possess essentially equivalent levels of knowledge. While technically accurate, that's still far from the government's point, but the hybrid approach isn't so easily introduced. The new titans of online Bachelor's degree prowess can't just go ahead and build brick and mortar centers to test the varying pedagogical imperatives. For that matter, even if their current financial largesse would cover the purchase of campuses abandoned by failed schools throughout the country, the virtual institutions have affirmed the supremacy of purely remote tutorials for so long that their corporate image would suffer tremendously from a shift in emphasis among an American public already prone to doubt the validity of getting a degree online.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Choosing a Gown and Cap for Your Graduation Day

Depending on your level of education, there are different types of graduation regalia that you are supposed to wear on the particular day. These graduation gowns come in different colours and they are usually accompanied by a matching graduation cap as well.
There are different styles of graduation gowns, and they are meant to help you look your best during one of the best days in your academic life. They can be made of different material, from cotton, to velvet with piping and bell sleeves, especially if you are looking for doctoral gowns. All the various choices can be found and purchased inexpensively through the internet.
Most institutions of higher learning have specific colours of caps and gowns depending on the degree that you are graduating in. You should ensure that you know the right colour before purchasing your grad gowns so that you do not stand out from the rest of your group in the wrong way.
Professional outfitters are in plenty on the internet and they know the colours which accompany certain degrees and academic qualifications as well as the material choices. They will help you to purchase the right combination of colour and material to match your degree and your education level.
The graduation caps are also part of the adornment for this special day, and they usually come in different shapes and colours. There are some that are four cornered while others may be six or eight cornered with gold or plain tassels. It is important to know the specifications of your institutions as well as the requirements of your education level before purchasing these academic regalia as all these specifications are determined by these factors.
Online stores offer a wide variety of options, and one only has to search as the best grad gowns are just a mouse-click away. Anybody can go shopping in these online stores, from parents looking for a cap and gown for their young children in kindergarten to high school graduates and PhD graduates. There is a wide selection of grad gowns for each level and a short search through the internet will reveal that the graduate is spoilt for choice.
For individuals on a budget, there are also selections of inexpensive graduation gowns that will help you to look your best during this day without necessarily breaking the bank. All these options are available on the internet, and if you do this last homework correctly, you are bound to end up with the best choice for your graduation day in terms of style, colour and price.
Graduation caps and gowns will help you to remember this special day with your fellow classmates, and getting the graduation regalia that is just right will help you to commemorate this day in style. A picture with your classmates wearing these gowns is one of the highlights of the day that you will take home with you to remind you of the special day. The day involves a lot of activity and celebration, and it can be quite hectic, therefore, it is better to reduce the stress associated with the ceremony by visiting an online store to purchase your cap and gown.

College Admissions: What To Do If You're Wait Listed

You carefully crafted your application, followed the instructions exactly to the letter and when that response comes from the college it doesn't say "Yes", but it doesn't say "No" either.
You're on the "Wait List". Now what?
Each year, my office is flooded with emails and calls from stressed-out students (often their parents) who have been wait-listed and want to know what it really means and what, if anything can be done about it.
There's a lot of anxiety and confusion surrounding the idea of waitlists, mostly for two reasons: 1. there's no clear, foreseeable outcome; and, 2. the odds are somewhat grip as reported by major media outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.
While there are no guarantees, let's look get a clear look at reality- for many colleges, the waitlist has become the "polite no".
This year, Princeton put over 1,400 students on their waitlist.Maybe they'll take 164 students from the list (past years) or maybe they'll take 0. There's no way to predict. But it's not just "Ivy League" schools.
In previous years...
  • American University offered 2,025 spots on their wait-list, accepted 40 from the wait-list.
  • University of Virginia placed 4,326 students on the waitlist, only 191 were accepted
  • Boston University placed 2,307 on their waitlist and accepted 8 students from the list.
  • Vanderbilt placed 5,515 applicants on the waitlist and only 212 were offered a spot in the freshman class.
  • UC Berkeley waitlisted 201 students and accepted none.
  • University of Maryland, College Park wait-listed 1,023, accepted none from the wait-list.
So, what can you do if it's your top-choice school and you find yourself waitlisted? Take Action.
Your Smart Plan For College Assignment:
  1. Follow the school's directions for making sure you actually get placed on the wait-list (send back the postcard or respond to the email, or indicate on your online account - follow exactly whatever procedure THEY TELL YOU)
  2. Call (after May 1) the admissions rep with whom you have been talking with AND write a follow-up letter to ask more information about the waitlist and to make your case. Mention your acceptance at a comparable school (telling Princeton you were accepted at State U, won't really cut it) and why you prefer the college that waitlisted you.
  3. Update them on any additional, recent awards, accomplishments, etc that may not have been in your original application. This is where your "elevator pitch" is a must - clearly communicate the value you bring to campus.
  4. Send an updated letter of recommendation from a teacher to support your case. Ask them to speak about the impact you're making in his or her classroom.
Bottom line, you'll have to do a lot of work and there may not be any payoff; but, at least you can have the confidence that you did everything possible to make this college dream a reality.
Final Word of Advice: Get back in the game. Just because one college "benched" you, doesn't mean a thing. You have several other colleges that absolutely LOVED you enough to accept you outright. You loved THEM enough to go to the trouble of applying for admission. Remember that.
Focus your attention on making the best choice from the colleges before you. IF you should get a call over the summer letting you know there's a spot for you at the school that waitlisted you, then you'll need to make a decision.
There's always hope, but don't keep from making a decision now because you're waiting for a call that may never come.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MBA or Masters In Management?

How can tomorrow's business leader choose the right graduate program today? In many cases, there may not be a choice. These days, it's common for five or six years of work experience to be a non-negotiable requirement for signing up for an MBA. In contrast, many MSc in Management, or MIM, programs not only welcome undergrads who've yet to draw a steady corporate pay cheque, but actually limit enrolment to those with 2 years or less of work experience.
The two programs also diverge significantly in terms of curriculum. An MBA would offer courses that have a very general approach to management so you learn at least a little bit about everything, and towards the end of the program there would be some specialising whereas with an MSC there's a focus on specialisation right from the beginning. A key differentiator is what a student's post-degree goal is - an MSc in Management is usually followed up with a doctorate or for those who enter the industry it is usually within a research capacity. An MSc will give a candidate a very specialised set of research skills and little training in management and these are the candidates that will usually find a home in large consumer organizations doing consumer research. Meanwhile, students in finance or economics often go into consulting companies or organizations, including the Bank of Canada, where they carry out research.
Many graduates want to start focusing early. They may say that maths is your strong suit, and that they are not interested in marketing or HR, for example. The business world needs very strong accountants or HR or operations or people with other specializations, so a Masters in Finance, Accountancy, HR and so on are the best option for many. Of course this also allows the graduate to get straight into education again without necessarily having to go into a management position for a few years in preparation for an MBA. MiM programs are designed for people in the early stages of their career - right after their undergraduate degree or after about a year on the job. As a result, MiM students are typically younger than MBA students: 23 years on average compared to the 27-32 average age for MBA programs.
At the moment the MiM is almost purely a European phenomenon, with around 86-87 percent of these programs offered in Europe. This definitely has to do with the Bologna reforms in Europe since 1999 by which most European countries agreed on unitizing the European university system by following the Anglo-Saxon undergraduate-graduate-study system, and splitting up formerly established 5-year diploma studies.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Best Physical Therapy Schools Overview

Physical therapy is what allows us to quickly recover from trauma or surgery. Sometimes proper therapy is more important and effective than a surgery! Path to becoming a physical therapist is not an easy one. Practitioners in this field must get profound knowledge and undergo an extensive training. How to do it in the best possible way?
Here are the physical therapy schools that are considered to be the best by the US News & World Report, 2011. According to the website, rankings are based on the results of peer assessments of faculty staff and administrators. The quality of programs should have been rated on a scale from 1 to 5. 201 physical therapy schools were surveyed.
University of Southern California
According to the official website, the University of Southern California is one of the best research institutions in the country. Choosing therapy school of this university you will be able to pursue one of the following degrees:
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Ph.D. in Biokinesiology
  • M.S. In Biokinesiology
This school includes a number of laboratories and research centers. It means that in addition to theory, you will also acquire a valuable practical knowledge of physical therapist work. You will be able to master your skills in the school's hospital. Choosing this school you will surely get you one of the best quality learning experiences in the country!
University of Pittsburgh
Physical therapy school of this university is ranked second by the US News & World Report. If you already possess a Bachelor's degree, don't hesitate applying to this school. The Department of Physical Therapy offers a 3-year program leading to DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy). Your curriculum will include the following therapy courses:
  • musculoskeletal
  • neuromuscular
  • integumentary
  • cardiopulmonary
  • geriatric
  • pediatric
What specialty to pursue? Have you determined what interests you the most? Well, the experienced faculty of this school will help you to make the right choice. You can be also sure of getting a valuable practical experience during your studying. According to the university's website, clinical education program is integrated with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and its partner, the Centers for Rehab Services.
Washington University - St. Louis
WU School of Medicine has two teaching hospitals. Here you can work towards the following degrees:
  • DPT - the professional clinical doctorate degree
  • PP-DPT - the post-professional clinical doctorate degree
  • PhD - the doctor of philosophy in movement science
Why should you consider entering this educational institution? Well, since the establishment of WU School of Medicine 16 Nobel laureates have been associated with it! Weighty argument, isn't it?
These are the best US physical therapy schools according to the US News & World Report ranking. All of them offer excellent education to those who dream of a career in this field. However, always remember that it is the individual, not the school that makes difference. No matter what school you choose, it's up to you!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

History and Getting to the Fulbright Scholarship Application

The Fulbright Program offers scholarships (grants) for exceptional people through an international exchange program founded on providing a competitive opportunity for the best students, scholars, teachers, and professionals to conduct study, teach, work, conduct research, and otherwise collaborate in both their home countries and abroad.
The program was founded in 1946 as the Fulbright Program under James William Fulbright, United States Senator serving Arkansas from 1945 until 1975. The program bearing his name provides over 6,000 grants annually and more than 300,000 people have participated since its inception. Of the Fulbright alumni, 10 have become members of the US Congress, 18 have been head of state or government, one was secretary general of the United Nations, 43 have received a Nobel Prize, and 78 have received the Pulitzer Prize.
For a United States college-aged citizen to become a scholarship awardee, they must either go through the U.S. Student Program or the U.S. Scholar Program to travel to a foreign country. Only the highest level of academic achievers are considered, with regular award winners being the top of their graduating classes of high school who have also demonstrated a desire to lead the community and willingness to craft a unique proposal for their academic year abroad. Student grants are for all areas of collegiate student including fine arts, social sciences, biology and other natural sciences, and computer sciences.
The Institute of International Education manages the Fulbright Program along with the United States Department of State's Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs. The application process is managed through the Embark Fulbright Online Application with applications due far in advance. The 2012-2013 competition closed for applications in October 2011. An extensive collection of materials, called the "Application Package Checklist" is required for all applicants. These materials include the online application (five pages), a signed statement of grant purpose, a personal statement, letters of affiliation for research/study applicants, the language self-evaluation, critical language enhancement award supplementary form, and the foreign language evaluation (submitted by the evaluator). In addition to this material, letters of reference, transcripts from all schools, and any supplementary forms for creative and performing arts applicants should be included.
You may only apply once per year for a single program; however, some world region projects allow multiple applications on those specific projects. Once the application is submitted, it may not be modified. The Fulbright Scholarship application is one of the most complicated processes for higher learning programs, but it is also one of the most rewarding.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Engineers and Doctors Seek Business and Management Studies

Education has upheld a constant place of essentiality in today's world. Technology, media and time are all moving at the speed of light with the growing advent of education. Without education there is no progress. In fact, as time speaks, graduating with a degree is not enough. Be it in engineering or medicine for that matter. Wielding a post graduation degree too is as important. And as the trend of education follows, one notices the advancement of Management and Business courses.
The Need for Business Education
Today, the world has become a humongous market of commerce, where everything is traded. Eventually, it is business that makes the world go round and therefore, this scenario has given way to the need of systematic study in the field management and business irrespective of your professional background.
1. These courses not only aim to disseminate information about the technicalities and prerequisites, making people aware of the business world today, but they also aim to equip future professionals with the finesse and sense required to handle jobs as well as business ventures irrespective of the discipline in question.
2. Whether you are an engineer or a doctor, you would eventually be directly or indirectly responsible to ensure sustainability of the company you work for or own. Business and Management Studies are certified courses which enable students to understand the nitty-gritty's of management, service delivery from the perspective of financial soundness, strategy, effective operational management as well as people management.
Doctors and Engineers need to understand Business too
With more and more students opting to take up more challenging professions as engineers and doctors, the focus of one's academic priorities has shifted from developing soft and managerial skills, to technical skills. At the same time, most recruiters today are looking for dynamic professionals who are able to fulfill the technical demands of the jobs by making effective use of holistic management capabilities. Studying to be an engineer or a doctor is more meaningful if one has acumen for business as well. They are expected to understand statistics, strategies, techniques and accountability. Business and management programs at a post graduate level help fill this learning gap by equipping students with knowledge and skill sets that help them grow to become competitive professionals in the dynamic marketplace.
With the emergence of business and management courses, the need for doctors and engineers to covet these certified degrees has somehow become necessary. It is not a prerequisite, essentially. But, with such courses their credibility would rather increase. A graduation in engineering backed by a Masters in Management and Business Studies makes an impeccable blend for an incredible career. An additional degree would never be a waste. In this world of business and commerce, one can only leverage his business acumen and get his way through.
Along with Business and Management courses, one also has the option to choose from a specialized program in the form of Finance, Marketing, Banking, Human Resources, operational management and many more. The growth of business in this day and age has given rise to all these courses all across the globe.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Benefits of Student Storage

Save Space at the Parents' House
Many families simply do not have the storage space available in their homes or garages to accommodate an entire extra home's worth of belongings. Locating and leasing a college storage unit during the summer months allows you to hang on to your possessions without having to worry about making space for them in what may already be a crowded house. Your summer storage unit will be safe and secure, protecting your goods from theft, loss or damage from the elements.
Save Money by Reusing Last Year's Items
It may be tempting to simply host an everything-must-go yard sale at the end of the year and begin fresh in the fall. In reality, though, student storage is so affordable that you stand to save significant amounts of money by leasing a unit and reusing your existing goods next year. Even if you typically purchase furniture and household items used or at yard sales yourself, you could find yourself surprised by just how much cheaper it is to store and save your goods than to keep buying more every year.
Save Time by Packing and Storing Efficiently
Once you have placed your goods in summer storage, you need not worry about them again until you have already situated yourself in your next living situation. Rather than worrying about returning an expensive rental truck on time or making multiple car trips to and from your parents' house, you can go collect goods from your student storage unit any time that is convenient for you. Many student storage facilities even offer extended access hours so that you can stop by your unit before or after class to collect whatever goods you need.
By packing your goods properly and labeling boxes appropriately, you can ensure you will always be able to find exactly what you need every time you enter your college storage unit. You will also have the freedom to come and go as you need to, when you can, rather than working on a strict timetable. While you may still need to enlist the help of a friend or rent a truck to move larger, heavier or bulkier items, for the most part, you should be able to move your belongings into and out of storage easily and in small trips whenever you have a moment to spare.
Student Storage Is More Affordable than You Think
Facilities vary in pricing, hours of availability, and unit sizes. Some offer short-term, month-to-month leasing without a contract while others may require a minimum number of months to secure a better deal. You will be best served by taking the time to research and ask questions to ensure you get the space you need at the price you want for the amount of time that works best for you.

Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Find Affordable College Textbooks

The usually steep prices of college textbooks make most students and their parents stressed out every start of semesters. Today, an average textbook is priced at about $100 with specialty and more technical references commanding several hundreds of dollars as tag prices. However, the 'sticker shock' is something that may seem inevitable but in reality can be avoided.
Most college students are in tight budgets. That is because they may be relaying on the financial support of their parents or they may be working part-time to support their studies. It is advisable that they find and buy more affordable college textbooks. How are those references found? There's plenty that we can think of.
Book rentals
Many colleges and universities offer book rentals to their students. Renting out references usually lowers textbook costs by up to 60% compared to buying new books. Thus, book rentals are without a doubt one of the most cost effective options for affordable college textbooks.
College or university bookstores and libraries usually run book rental programs to offer a form of assistance to needy students. There are off-campus bookstores that also offer similar service to college students. Borrowers of book rentals only need to take care of the books and to return the references on specified dates to be able to get back their deposits by the end of the semester.
Used bookstores
Another great way to find and buy affordable college textbooks is through checking out available titles from used bookstores. Second-hand books are popular among students with limited budgets because the price tags are usually more than half of the original prices lower. The idea of owning the textbook is also more appealing to many.
Second-hand booksellers abound across the Internet. Many Websites offer great deals and discounts on used textbooks. Finding and buying such references online is effective because of the convenience it brings. A student can find and compare prices to be able to determine the most affordable college textbooks available. Shipping costs are also often waived so that no additional charge is incurred by students.
There is also an option to resell the used textbooks once the semester is over. It can be a source of money to students. Some also prefer the idea of owning books and not having to return those on specified dates. The used college textbooks can be kept for some time to serve as complementary reference to specific courses.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Easy and Affordable College Textbooks

Students are usually exposed to actual exploitation when they are forced to pay more or less $100 for each of their college textbooks. The costs of books add up to the already costly tuition fees and expenses for boarding. It is hard or even impossible to avoid incurring that cost because textbooks are required as references in every course or subject.
Prices of textbooks for college students had increased by an average of 6% per year from 1986 to 2004. That is more than the inflation rates of most developed countries. Buying such books can make college expenses up to $1,000 more expensive annually. It is just infuriating to pay for textbooks' sticker prices when such books can be purchased and obtained at hefty discounts or at much lower costs.
Huge textbook discounts
If students will only be more resourceful and determined, they can surely find bookstores that are offering and implementing great markdowns on prices of college textbooks. It is a fact that finding those discounts is not an easy task. Students should be more observant and vigilant when roaming around different cities where discount-selling bookstores abound.
The Internet is another great venue to find online bookstores and shopping sites that may offer college textbooks with big discounts. Students can even visit as many of such sites online. They can compare discounts as well as prices so they can choose and purchase books at the most competitive price tags.
Buying used college textbooks
For those who intend to lower costs by more than 60%, buying used textbooks is a good option. Many bookstores now specialize in selling used college textbooks. They also buy books from students, especially those who do not find usefulness in the materials after the semester and those who want to generate extra cash.
Used textbooks are much cheaper than buying new copies. In general, second-hand items are sold at much lower tag prices. That is because bookstores have also bought such items at lower prices. And of course, the books may not compare to unused and new ones, but it is not to say that second-hand textbooks are unbearable. Students can still find used textbooks that are properly taken care of to look as good as new.
By the end of the semester, such used college textbooks can still be sold to second-hand bookstores. However, the books should remain in good and useful condition for students to do that. Thus, the cycle will go on and the books will remain useful and helpful through many semesters to come.