Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Benefits of Student Storage

Save Space at the Parents' House
Many families simply do not have the storage space available in their homes or garages to accommodate an entire extra home's worth of belongings. Locating and leasing a college storage unit during the summer months allows you to hang on to your possessions without having to worry about making space for them in what may already be a crowded house. Your summer storage unit will be safe and secure, protecting your goods from theft, loss or damage from the elements.
Save Money by Reusing Last Year's Items
It may be tempting to simply host an everything-must-go yard sale at the end of the year and begin fresh in the fall. In reality, though, student storage is so affordable that you stand to save significant amounts of money by leasing a unit and reusing your existing goods next year. Even if you typically purchase furniture and household items used or at yard sales yourself, you could find yourself surprised by just how much cheaper it is to store and save your goods than to keep buying more every year.
Save Time by Packing and Storing Efficiently
Once you have placed your goods in summer storage, you need not worry about them again until you have already situated yourself in your next living situation. Rather than worrying about returning an expensive rental truck on time or making multiple car trips to and from your parents' house, you can go collect goods from your student storage unit any time that is convenient for you. Many student storage facilities even offer extended access hours so that you can stop by your unit before or after class to collect whatever goods you need.
By packing your goods properly and labeling boxes appropriately, you can ensure you will always be able to find exactly what you need every time you enter your college storage unit. You will also have the freedom to come and go as you need to, when you can, rather than working on a strict timetable. While you may still need to enlist the help of a friend or rent a truck to move larger, heavier or bulkier items, for the most part, you should be able to move your belongings into and out of storage easily and in small trips whenever you have a moment to spare.
Student Storage Is More Affordable than You Think
Facilities vary in pricing, hours of availability, and unit sizes. Some offer short-term, month-to-month leasing without a contract while others may require a minimum number of months to secure a better deal. You will be best served by taking the time to research and ask questions to ensure you get the space you need at the price you want for the amount of time that works best for you.


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  2. The need for college storage has been a strong one. Furniture and other collectibles gathered throughout college can add up quickly, if it has to be constantly bought up again and again. With storage unit, students can just access his old belongings and reuse their old books and notes. Self-storage also gives students peace of mind that their belongings are safe, secure, and ready for them when they come back between semesters.