Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How Do America's University Giants Compare?

Besides MIT we'll look at neighboring Harvard, both based in Massachusetts to the north-east of The States. And we'll contrast their admissions rates to Stanford to the west. These institutions are bound by their age-old rivalry, history and stature.
First things first; Many 'outsiders' are surprised to learn that MIT & Stanford aren't actually members of the famous 'Ivy League'. The league is a union, bound by athletic events and including higher education institutes based in the north-east of america. These members include Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Darmouth, Princeton & The University Of Pennsylvania.
Just how do the settings of Stanford's home, Palo Alto, and Boston based Harvard & MIT contrast then? Stanford is nestled next to Silicon Valley. No coincidence since Stanford pupils have been so vital businesses based there, such as Google & Hewlett Packard. The latter of course, was founded by Dave Packard and William Hewlett, former students.
Stanford's only a short CalTrain trip to San Francisco towards the north and San Jose towards the south. Stanford's location is a huge selling point to would-be learners.
Meanwhile the founder of Silicon Valley based Facebook, one Mark Zuckerberg, notoriously went to Harvard. Harvard & MIT students benefit from studying in historic Boston, the stage of the famed Tea Party and the home of the American revolution. Students of MIT & Harvard have gone onto to shape the world breeding Nobel laureates, Rhodes Scholars and National Medal of Science recipients. Graduates of these institutions are highly regarded and respected by employers around world.
What are the requirements to join the universities? You will not a bit surprised to find out that your grade point average (GPA) are an important starting point. That said, those with 4.0 GPA and 2400 SAT results are not guaranteed entry. No, you'll have to have standout extra-curricular's and shining references too.
Stanford and Harvard have a similar admissions rate of about 7%. MIT comes with a marginally greater success rate acknowledging just under 10% or 1742 for the class of 2015. Meanwhile, Harvard boasts the best financial aid of any US University, with $172,000,000 available for prospective students.
At Harvard, over 60% of students benefit from financial aid. So, if you're application is strong enough, you will get in regardless of your families financial background.
Students of Harvard, Stanford and MIT become leaders trend-setting in technology, commerce and politics. If you decide to brave the application process spend some time to look through the links below. We wish you the best!

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