Monday, January 16, 2012

Easy and Affordable College Textbooks

Students are usually exposed to actual exploitation when they are forced to pay more or less $100 for each of their college textbooks. The costs of books add up to the already costly tuition fees and expenses for boarding. It is hard or even impossible to avoid incurring that cost because textbooks are required as references in every course or subject.
Prices of textbooks for college students had increased by an average of 6% per year from 1986 to 2004. That is more than the inflation rates of most developed countries. Buying such books can make college expenses up to $1,000 more expensive annually. It is just infuriating to pay for textbooks' sticker prices when such books can be purchased and obtained at hefty discounts or at much lower costs.
Huge textbook discounts
If students will only be more resourceful and determined, they can surely find bookstores that are offering and implementing great markdowns on prices of college textbooks. It is a fact that finding those discounts is not an easy task. Students should be more observant and vigilant when roaming around different cities where discount-selling bookstores abound.
The Internet is another great venue to find online bookstores and shopping sites that may offer college textbooks with big discounts. Students can even visit as many of such sites online. They can compare discounts as well as prices so they can choose and purchase books at the most competitive price tags.
Buying used college textbooks
For those who intend to lower costs by more than 60%, buying used textbooks is a good option. Many bookstores now specialize in selling used college textbooks. They also buy books from students, especially those who do not find usefulness in the materials after the semester and those who want to generate extra cash.
Used textbooks are much cheaper than buying new copies. In general, second-hand items are sold at much lower tag prices. That is because bookstores have also bought such items at lower prices. And of course, the books may not compare to unused and new ones, but it is not to say that second-hand textbooks are unbearable. Students can still find used textbooks that are properly taken care of to look as good as new.
By the end of the semester, such used college textbooks can still be sold to second-hand bookstores. However, the books should remain in good and useful condition for students to do that. Thus, the cycle will go on and the books will remain useful and helpful through many semesters to come.

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